Demo Dayz

It started out as a challenge to produce a 3-song demo every day for a year. After a week of exhaustion, I realized I needed to have a life outside of music. Now I just babble about music, recording, etc. and occasionally post songs.

Check out my past bands Crownes, Scène Enterre and also March On Electric! My excellent choice brew:


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How to get away with a single amp for bass and guitar recording?

Get an Ampeg V4 that still uses 7027A tubes. Mine had the original Magnavox tubes in it and I used it for both the guitar and bass in the Crownes recordings (Crownes is pronounced like “crowns,” it’s the middle English spelling.) You can hear how awesome this amp sounds there. I didn’t use any distortion pedals or anything on the recordings, the guitar is straight into the amp. The best thing about it is you can buy one for around $500.

This amp is a great all-arounder. It takes pedals really well, so if a vintage tone isn’t what you are looking for, you can just use pedals to get the sound you want. It has amazing dynamics and a very good built-in reverb. Oh, and it’s louder than God. If you can’t find one with good original tubes, there are still some places online where you can buy NOS 7027A’s but they can be kind of expensive. The other option is to have a tech mod it to take 6L6’s, but that changes the sound.Ampeg V4

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Heaviness with catchy, lonesome vocals. Kind of ethereal. I wrote this song when I was sad, and now it’s one of my favorites. It’s been in my head for the past week.

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Experiments with LFO-controlled effects and a sound of horror-centric irony. I’ve been watching a lot of weird horror movies lately.


Five summers
No end to be found
I want to forget it but I can’t put it back

There isn’t a reason
For me to regret
My head’s always spinning and I’m comfortably dead

Time is a substance
Smeared by depression
And I brought a ladder to climb up this mountain

I want to know you more
I want to feel something else
So many scars, not many questions
I don’t know the reason this feeling remains

Pulling out stitches
That never existed
There is no right way
To go down this road

Obsession with fire
But not much to burn
I just want to show you
The parts I have left


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Demo Dayz - April 12 - Song 1

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Demo Dayz - April 12 - Song 2

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Demo Dayz - April 12 - Song 3

Took the weekend off for Crownes.

If you haven’t checked out our bands on the right hand column, check out Crownes.

We’re recording a full-length record at the moment and it’s turning out very well. That’s why we took the weekend off from Demo Dayz…we simply didn’t have time to do both.



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Demo Dayz - April 9 - Song 1

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Demo Dayz - April 9 - Song 2

This could probably be on the radio.